Il Volo dell'Aquila

Access and way out from the area

Access to the event space takes place from an extended area bordered by five Gates. This area has a maximum crowding of 20,000 people.

The exit from the controlled area can take place from any single-way removal route, where people will be counted outgoing.

The restricted area of the event is divided into sectors, North and South, for which the stewards will have the task of maintaining a balance of the number of people, following the instructions deriving from the analysis of the counting numbers, which allow to distinguish the two areas. Passages of communication between the two sectors, managed by stewards, will allow the passage of people in excess from one area to another.

The digital counting system allows you to maintain a dynamically counted flow that instantly takes into account incoming and outgoing people.

General requirements

  • For any need, contact the staff of the organization
  • It is not allowed to bring suitcases, trolleys or trolleys, with the exception of people who show to have a reservation at an accommodation in the controlled area
  • Climbing on balustrades, parapets and other structures located in the event area is not permitted
  • It is not allowed to create an obstacle to the regular flow of people along the routes intended for the exodus
  • It is not permitted to introduce or hold weapons, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs, signaling rockets, stones, chains, knives or other pointy or cutting objects; only the introduction of reproduction of white weapons is permitted
  • It is not allowed to introduce and keep drinks in glasses or glass bottles and / or cans
  • It is not allowed to introduce rods, sticks (excluding medical devices, umbrellas and ornaments) de
  • It is not allowed to introduce flammable, explosive or corrosive substances, and spray cans
  • It is not allowed to bring bicycles or other means of transport, except those necessary for people with mobility difficulties
  • At the Control Points, the Police forces may request actions aimed at recognizing the person

Event Map

Control Points

Entrance Gate

Yellow - Area / Way of access to the event area

Light blue - Event area

Blue - Arcades

Magenta - Barriers

Green - Free Area

Viola - Safe place area

Exit points

Way out

Safety regulations

Event Questionnaire

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